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The first time I heard the words "you have cancer" was back in 1991. I was 22 years old, completely terrified and wondering how in the world I was going to beat Hodgkin lymphoma. Up until then, my only experience with cancer was watching my grandparents as they bravely fought, and ultimately lost, their battles with Hodgkin lymphoma and colon cancer. I had to wonder if I would be next.

It’s true when people say “it takes a village …”. Throughout the course of my cancer treatments, there was one thing that always lifted my spirits and gave me hope – seeing a get-well card in my mailbox. I will be forever grateful to my family, friends and the kind-hearted people in my hometown who took the time to send me a card. More than 30 years later, those cards still occupy the exact same spot in my nightstand.


As the years passed and I started buying get well cards for other people affected by cancer, it always surprised me that I couldn't find any cancer-related get well cards. After receiving two more cancer diagnoses in November 2018 and February 2020, I decided it was time to put my computer skills to good use and start designing a variety of cancer-related get well cards.

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Cancer patient products at


What started with a goal to create get-well cards that would brighten the day of a cancer patient, has turned into a quest to design thoughtful, meaningful and memorable gifts that encourage others to realize their full potential and beat cancer on their terms.


With dozens of different cancers and designs, we knew it wouldn't make sense to produce a bunch of inventory that could potentially end up in the landfill if it didn't sell. So, we did the best thing we could do for the environment - we partnered with a world-class print-on-demand and fulfillment company with strategially located fulfillment centres. That means when you place an order, they'll find the facility closest to you to print it. Not only does that mean lower CO2 emissions to deliver your order, but they'll also ensure they send it in recyclable packaging . 


It's a win-win for everyone and the environment. We get to create a design for every type of cancer on a variety of different products. You get to choose the style and type of product that's not only thoughtful, meaningful and memorable but also good for the environment.

Get well cards from 1991


The original cards that inspired it all. Times have changed over the past 30+ years since my original diagnosis with Hodgkin lymphoma but the one thing that will never change? The place where I've kept my cards all these years. They will always occupy the exact same spot in my nightstand - now and forever. 

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